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  • IMG_4696
  • IMG_8500 - ACTMCC - 25 May 2014
  • 50d_IMG_0029
  • IMG_5305
  • IMG_8677 - ACTMCC - 25 May 2014
  • IMG_4214 copy
  • IMG_5111 - On-the-Go Summer Series Race #3
  • Glasses - 4 glasses, 1 torch and some red cordial.
  • 5_IMG_7508 - Aquathlon #1
  • 50_IMG_3125
  • IMG_7171 copy
  • IMG_2619
  • 30_IMG_3988 - On-the-Go Summer Series Race #3
  • IMG_1608 copy
  • IMG_5678 - On-the-Go Summer Series Race #3
  • _MG_7626 copy
  • Foodie #4 - Sportz Fotos being the taste tester for Mrs Sportz Fotos.
  • 5_IMG_5907 - 2014 Stroke Awareness Ride, Canberra 2 Melbourne
  • 50_IMG_5180 - Rally Sprint
  • IMG_0163 - Canberra Roller Derby League
  • IMG_8795 copy
  • IMG_5257
  • IMG_9856 copy
  • IMG_7527
  • IMG_3776 copy
  • IMG_2962 copy
  • 5d_IMG_0156
  • Lake Louise - 2008.  near Banff AB, Canada.  can you see the photographer?
  • IMG_2608LR copy
  • 5_IMG_1058
  • Lighthouse - Ulladulla N.S.W.
  • 30IMG_3411
  • AIS Pano1 5x - The Hungerjams - Blockingjay @ AIS 25 October 2014
  • 5_IMG_7312 - On-the-Go Summer Series Race #3
Sportz Fotos provides a unique sporting photography service across the Australian Capital Territory & southern New South Wales, Australia.

Established in 2010 by Wayne Jones, Sportz Fotos specialises in producing high-quality images and will ensure that your sporting event is photographed professionally. We provide a secure and easy-to-use online store for purchasing professional print and digital products that you will treasure forever.

Rates for events are negotiable, however as a guideline, Sportz Fotos is a FreelancePro member of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance and uses their National Freelance Rates.

**To avoid using PayPal for image purchases, contact Sportz Fotos separately by email (on the About page) for details.**

Wayne also photographs non-sporting events throughout the A.C.T. and Southern N.S.W.  Check the Event Galleries for inclusions, or click over to the JoC 20 one five homepage for updates or future projects.

Visit the Event Galleries for examples of our work or contact us to discuss your requirements and let us show you how we can make your sporting event a special event.

The copyright marking on photos is removed once an image is purchased as a print (if an option).

Sportz Fotos is on Facebook and Twitter with videos also on YouTube and Vimeo.

For us, it is always your sport, your photos.